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Amir Daud Pota said that efforts were being made to restore
Finally, the usage of Pota is wholly unnecessary considering that the temple fracas has no relation to terrorism.
Pota maintained that track of Multan railway division is A1/4 of the total track and work continue to cover railway tracks passing through the residential areas, adding that the track of Khanewal and Multan in residential areas would soon be covered with a wall to avoid any mishap.
Pota also highlighted how the lives of former Global Teacher Prize winners have improved; for example, last year's winner Maggie McDonald, a teacher from the Canadian Arctic, who helped students in an isolated community plagued by extreme weather and high teenage suicide rates.
Subsequently, attention will be turned towards the focal point of this article, namely: a) the exploration of the necessity of the enactment of a further preventive detention statute, POTA, notwithstanding the presence of two relatively recent preventive detention laws, namely, the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act, 2012 (SOSMA), and the Prevention of Crime (Amendment and Extension) Act, 2014 (PCA), and b) the comparison of the provisions of the ISA and POTA concerning preventive detention so as to demonstrate that the POTA is not only closely modelled on the abolished ISA but in some respects is more draconian in nature.
The three had been found guilty by a POTA court of planting powerful bombs in two taxis which exploded at the iconic Gateway of India and Zaveri bazaar on August 25, 2003.
The deal will provide Qube with a 94.5 per cent stake in Pota management, Qube said.
The deal, which consists of the purchase of DP World's shares and related loans, will provide Qube with a 94.5 per cent stake in Pota with management owning the remaining 5.5 per cent, Qube said.
DP World agreed to sell its remaining stake in container services firm P&O Trans Australia (POTA) for A$106 million, the port operator's second sale in Australia in the last five months.
A central POTA review committee headed by justice S.
Pota, founder of the first UK-India public affairs company, interviews and profiles chairmen and CEOs of ten Indian companies representing all areas of the country and many sectors, including information technology and biotechnology.
caementarius mantenidas con alimento natural, constituido por pota (Dosidicus sp.), almeja (Semele solida) y poliqueto (Pseudonereis sp.), en condiciones de laboratorio.