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Human rights activists also argued that application of POTA has been selective in Gujarat.
POTA retained a number of TADA's most controversial provisions and further added powers not present in the old legislation.
POTA was the only bidder to offer a packaged suite of services, designed to flow seamlessly between Stage 1 packaged material and the shift to bulk haulage during Stage 2.
From his contentious birthdate to accusations of strong- arm electioneering and even POTA charges, his entire career in politics appears to have been controversial.
In a landmark move, the apex court ruled that POTA had been wrongly applied against the Godhra accused and findings of POTA review committee are binding on the state government and the trial court.
They ( the Congress- led government) withdrew POTA under pressure," Prasad added.
Very many provisions of POTA have been put into UAPA.
A two-member division bench of Justices RM Doshit and KM Thakar upheld the sentence by a POTA court.
Dr Beg said that like TADA, POTA and other extrajudicial laws NCTC is also going to prove counterproductive.
Soon, the police booked him under the POTA after an AK- 56 rifle, 36 cartridges, two wireless sets and 800 gm of explosives were founds from his palace in Benti in January 2003
When the Maharashtra anti terror law got the signature of the President of India the POTA was the last expression of the Parliament.
A central POTA review committee headed by justice S.