Prisoner of war

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PRISONER OF WAR. One who has been captured while fighting under the banner of some state. He is a prisoner, although never confined in a prison.
     2. In modern times, prisoners are treated with more humanity than formerly; the individual captor has now no personal right to his prisoner. Prisoners are under the superintendence of the government, and they are now frequently exchanged. Vide 1 Kent, Com. 14.
     3. It is a general rule, that a prisoner is out of the protection of the laws of the state, so for, that he can have no civil remedy under them, and he can, therefore, maintain no action. But his person is protected against all unlawful acts. Bac. Ab. Abatement, b. 3; Bac. Ab. Aliens, D.

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Preliminary facts show that the number of Palestinian and Arab POWs detained in occupation camps was an estimated 9,000 Palestinian and Arab POWs.
9) This study of the work experiences of Australians in Germany will show that indeed POW labour was a dynamic phenomenon, changing with the course and conditions of war.
25} The principal members of the STPB project team on the Changi site, Robbie Collins, Pamelia Lee, and Bajintar Singh, still saw a re-creation of the POW past at the Changi as the most viable way of restoring the place as a tourist attraction.
Doyle, in Voices from Captivity: Interpreting the American POW Narrative, quotes a few passages from McDaniel's memoir but mentions Daly's only once in passing (misspelling his name as Daley) in order to identify him as the only POW who "wrote an apology for religious pacifism" (34).
She gave the North Vietnamese communists, with whom we were then at war, propaganda that American POWs endured unimaginable torture not to give them, she gave it to them for free.
Shirozu did not care to posture or swagger in front of the POWs.
Junior Defense Minister Lewis Moonie told parliament that the gratuity would be paid to former POWs, their widows and civilian internees.
Thompson is the daughter of a USS Canopus sailor who was a POW held in Mukden, China.
Incorrect, American POWs were left behind after the Vietnam War ended and Some Still Survive
NSO Lougee was confident the World War If veteran and former POW was entitled to a greater disability rating based on his review.
Until the Last Man Comes Home: POWs, MIAs, and the Unending Vietnam War.
I WAS most interested in the article about the POWs in Huddersfield.