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Since it has questions that evaluate UW, a problem that has been related to both depression and PPN, we decided to evaluate whether the DNSS and the UW symptom are more closely related to PPN or depression.
Simultaneously, electron diffusion spectroscopy (EDS) was employed to analyze the surface element composition of the PPN. As shown in Figure 3e, NZVI were found to be successfully immobilized on the PAA/PVDF film.
Structural deficits in connectivity are evident between the basal ganglia and PPN, in addition to other tracts in patients with FoG [70, 71].
In order to explore the PPN community patterns in relation to the ecosystems surveyed, principal component analyses (PCA) were performed using the ADE4 multivariate analysis and graphical display free software (Thioulouse et al., 1997).
"With more and more brands demanding field reports from their licensees, the TLL Store Check Survey does clients' homework for them," add PPN principals Leigh Ann Schwarzkopf and Lynn Scott.
Los objetivos del presente estudio fueron 1) caracterizar la distribucion espacial de los megaincendios a escala regional bajo anos de El Nino en el norte y sur de Mexico, 2) analizar la variacion espacial y temporal de la productividad primaria neta (PPN) y su relacion con la precipitacion anual en el estado de Oaxaca, y 3) analizar la variacion espacial y temporal de la deforestacion en el ecosistema forestal tropical mas extendido en Mexico, la selva baja caducifolia (SBC), en seis zonas contrastantes del pais.
Corrales--a lawyer who in his PLN years was a presidential candidate (1998) and a deputy (2002-2006)--immediately resigned as the PPN nominee, a decision that led the party to hold a new assembly on Oct.
It can be known from (1)-(6) that the harmonic component [H.sub.r] (1, -1) excited by the rotor PMs and the harmonic component [H.sub.w](1, 0) excited by the armature windings have the same PPN (PPN = 5) and the same rotational speed.
Preventia Group Corp, a unit of Preventia Inc, will use the funds to speed up bringing to the market its Property Participation Notes (PPN), its first financial product electronically transactable in real-time, along with other insurance sector-linked financial products.
The network of hospitals that agreed on the rates stipulated by GIPSA forms the preferred provider network or PPN. There are 928 hospitals in the PPN across eight cities in the country-- Delhi ( 188), Mumbai ( 165), Bengaluru ( 122), Chennai ( 125), Ahmedabad ( 91), Hyderabad ( 87), Chandigarh including Jalandhar, Ambala and Mohali ( 87) and Kolkata ( 63).
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, May 17, 2012 --( Some say no pain no gain, but judging from the faces of the children Feed the Hungry San Miguel/Patronato Pro Ninos (PPN) serves from its Dental Van program with visiting Mexico City dentist Dr.
Para determinar diferencias significativas en los cambios netos de los iones de N y P y en la produccion primaria neta (PPN) durante las incubaciones con la adicion extra de iones, se realizaron por separado analisis en un ANOVA mixto para cada ion, la PPN y cada concentracion adicionada (50 mmol[L.sup.-1] y 125 mmol[L.sup.-1]), tomando como factores principales Tratamiento (rijo) y Ensayo (como bloques aleatorios de repeticion de experimentos), cuyos cuadrados medios esperados siguieron el siguiente modelo (obtenidos de la orden "random", opcion "/test" del modulo GLM del programa SAS, siendo tratados como aleatorios los ensayos y la interaccion).