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PRO RE NATA. For the occasion as it may arise.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Under this new agreement announced on Wednesday, financial details of which were unavailable, PRN will provide Costco with an end-to-end retail media solution that includes custom HDTV programming, advertising sales, network operations, media management and scheduling.
PRN is the ratio of the number of shares purchased divided by the number of shares bought and sold in year t.
As part of the alliance, PRN agreed to sell advertising for Cabco's TV Kart, which incorporates interactive display screens into digital shopping carts designed to entertain young children who are sitting on the interior of the cart, while providing targeted information for parents on monitors facing them while they shop.
(11) have outlined the historical development of legal options and legal precedents established in the United States, which have influenced current guidelines and standards in that country regarding the use of PRN psychotropic medication to support individuals with DD.
Hallford's work is at the Espresso PRN at PeaceHealth Medical Group, 1162 Willamette St.
The PRN provides a network of trained health care professionals who assist in the confidential investigation of the alleged impairment.
PRN is a postemergent herbicide used extensively around the world in the cultivation of rice and wheat crops.
According to Stier, Colberg, and Stanton's (1999) "Practitioner Research Networks: Summary of Literature and Key Design Principles," the concept of the PRN originated in the United States in the 1970s (Niebauer & Nutting, 1994).
Mark Ballinger, director of nursing at Beatrice Manor in Beatrice, Neb., has a self-described "passion for pain management." He expressed concerns about the absence of consistent strategies, heavy the use of PRN (as needed) analgesics, and occasional disregard for resident pain reports.
This month Premiere Retail Networks, a division of San Francisco-based PRN Corp., is installing its in-store television network in 140 ShopRites supplied by Elizabeth, N.J.-based Wakefern Food Corp.
The good news, according to Mark Flaherty, general counsel for Physicians for Responsible Negotiation (PRN), a physician union started by the AMA, is that the report defined "collective bargaining" very narrowly, to refer only to groups of otherwise unaffiliated physicians.