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0001) and all secondary endpoints, including confirmed PSA response rate (54% vs.
Figure 3 illustrates the best PSA response seen after the initiation of abiraterone.
These Phase 1 galeterone data, demonstrating minimal toxicities, improved PSA response and a reduction in tumor size, are exciting for those of us in the medical community treating this life-threatening cancer.
At week 49, the PSA response rate for all patients entering the study was 80.
Patients will be evaluated for safety, PSA response (prostate specific antigen), progression-free survival and reduction in circulating tumor cells.
The data from this study also showed that the PSA response occurred more frequently in patients on study receiving DN-101 plus Taxotere (58%) than those patients in the control group (49%).
The reported duration of disease stabilization ranged from 3-27 months, and the median duration of PSA response was 12 months, (range 2-21 months).
9] If AR were upregulated after a prolonged period of androgen deprivation thus making cancer cells more sensitive to anti-androgens, then we might have expected a longer period of PSA response.
The preliminary results demonstrated an overall PSA response rate in the docetaxel refractory population of about 14% (two out of 14 patients).
The study will also evaluate PSA response and the patient's return to urinary function baseline as well as normal lifestyle activities.
Also, although he lacked a sustained PSA response to cabazitaxel, the patient reported an increase in well-being and did not want to stop therapy.