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The paper is presented and confirmed by circuit software, PSpice, whose idea is obtained from unified inverter circuit constructed by chopper and inverter circuit.
Pspice based simulations were carried out to support the theoretical analysis.
OrCAD PSpice tool was specifically used to simulate the behavior of inverter and calculated its efficiency by measuring Total Harmonic Distortion.
As shown in the PSpice simulation results in Figure 3, the impulse shape is significantly affected by the input impedance of the antenna, which is modeled here by a simple resistive load.
To demonstrate this, a Pspice simulatio n is set up as shown in Figure 8.
OrCAD PSPICE simulations and experimental results are presented, to validate the proper functioning of the different components contained in the system.
Chapters expand application examples in PSPICE, MATLAB, and LabView, offer new quizzes to help engineers absorb new concepts, and offers a basic survey linking theory to real-world engineering applications in circuit analysis.
Therefore, the Q3DModel is updated with the new STEP file, then a parasitic model is generated and a Pspice Netlist (called Q3DPspNet) is exported.
In the simulation of general circuits, most of the circuit simulation software for the simulation of electronic circuits (such as PSpice, MicroCap, etc.) can use two-ports represented by cascade parameters [a.sub.11] / [a.sub.22].
This paper focuses on the use of software to design a software radio, by utilizing the PSpice circuit program using Cadance software and MATLAB.
PSPICE and MATLAB for electronics; an integrated approach, 2d ed.
ROCHESTER, NY -- EMA Design Automation (ema-eda.com) now offers Virtual Classroom Training for Cadence OrCAD, PSpice PCB design tools, and Autodesk mechanical CAD tools.