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Fitch does not believe there will be a material impact on PTL Canada or PTL's leverage as a result of the issuance, as the proceeds will be used to repay existing indebtedness and to utilize the remaining balance for general corporate purposes.
While Voodoo's PTL modules can integrate with a warehouse management system (WMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, SKU-Keeper can be used to drive the PTLs and manage inventory, essentially functioning as a "WMS light" type of solution, says Blumenau.
After completion of these transactions, PTL is owned 41.
Las medias ajustadas de PTL y DL fueron 900 kg y 50 d mayores, respectivamente, que las obtenidas por Hernandez-Reyes y col.
From above-stated it is following that on-line testing of the state of PTL as well as high-voltage substations which represent an integral part of the power-supply system and removal of the fault sources can be very effective.
We look forward to working more closely with PTL by supplying-them a reliable base of high quality frac sand and newly expanded technologically-driven prop pants.
The management of PTL depends on stage, either at initial diagnosis or after relapse, following adequate initial treatment.
Since recent evidence suggests that more effective screening of premature birth can be provided by the sonographic measurement of cervical length at second trimester of pregnancy13-15 and on the other hand, some studies propose that prevention of PTL is possible by vaginal pH screening,16 this study was designed to compare the accuracy of a sign of bacterial vaginosis (increased vaginal PH) and a sign of cervical insufficiency (cervical length less than 3 cm) in predicting preterm labor.
MATERIALS & METHODS: Two high vaginal swabs (HVS) using vaginal speculum & midstream clean catch samples were collected from 100 females who were admitted to labour ward either with PTL or PROM (Cases).
PTL Solar, one of the region's leading solar energy solutions providers, has launched Solar Mart franchise in the region to bring the concept of going green under one roof.
PTL Solar, Mulk Holdings and Pacific Controls are the three private-sector entities that are silently doing their bit by offering innovative solutions.