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PUR. A corruption of the French word par, by or for. It is frequently used in old French law phrases; as, pur autre vie. It is also used in the composition of words, as purparty, purlieu, purview.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Two, three or four kilogram foil-encased PUR slugs are placed into the melter tank and PURBlue 4 melter uses "melt-on-demand" processing, thereby protecting unused adhesive from prematurely curing in the tank.
Edgebanders are capable of running PUR adhesives in their gluing stations, but unless the edgebander has been specially designed to accept PUR hotmelts, care must be exercised when using them in standard edgebanders.
"All edgebanders are capable of running PUR adhesives on a temporary basis," said Steve Jones, district sales manager for Altendorf America, div.
If a manufacturer is interested in experimenting with PUR adhesives in its edgebanding operation or is contemplating a PUR-compatible edgebander purchase, understanding PUR's adhesive properties, identifying its proper product application, selecting the right edgebanding, and keeping the machine clean of contamination are all important points to consider.
They are said to offer long-term protection in flexible PVC and PUR foams.
It is said to offer improved thermal stability and is being aimed at PVC refrigerator gaskets and air-conditioning ducts, as well as PUR insulation foams.
"There have been great strides on the part of material suppliers for making PUR adhesives easier to use.
Busener's search for an answer led him to Nordson Corp., a manufacturer of adhesive dispensing equipment that had amassed experience in PUR material applications.
Since starting the relationship with Nordson nearly four years ago, Atlanta Sunbelt Products has succeeded in dispensing PUR material for applying edge banding on wood-based parts.
PUR hotmelts are high-performance adhesives that create a much stronger bond.
Similar to conventional hotmelts, PUR hotmelts are applied to the substrates in a molten state.
PUR hotmelts can be applied in virtually all the same ways as conventional hot melts.