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The data from our study show that NE is responsible for severe acute kidney injury in a high proportion of patients with PUUV infection.
Based on real-time RT-PCR, this study describes the development of 3 real-time RT-PCR assays for the specific detection of the European hantaviruses DOBV, PUUV, and TULV.
5%) were also positive for PUUV IgG by IFA and therefore considered samples with positive results.
PUUV infection is a notifiable disease in Sweden, according to the Swedish Communicable Disease Act.
PUUV infection was confirmed initially by IgM test and later by reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR), followed by sequencing.
Of these samples, 377 were positive for IgG against PUUV, of which 330 were positive for IgM against PUUV by an in-house ELISA (11) and immunoblot assay (recomLine Bunyavirus; Mikrogen, Neuried, Germany).
Detection of Dobrava virus in 22-year-old patient, Turkey * Hantavirus Real-time PCR immunoblot Serum Urine Test IgM IgG DOBV PUUV DOBV PUUV Result Pos Neg Neg Neg Pos Neg * Ig, immunoglobulin; DOBV, Dobrava virus; PUUV, Puumala virus; pos, positive; neg; negative.
Whether this finding is unique to relatively mild infection with PUUV or is a conserved feature of all hantaviruses causing HFRS/HCPS is unknown.
This result underlines the importance of the time-dependent habitat and climate factors for the PUUV reservoir.
ANDV was the only virus that resisted higher concentrations of saliva (25% and 50%), and an antiviral effect was clearly observed on HTNV and PUUV at these saliva concentrations (Figure).
We monitored data on small mammals from northern Sweden and used these data to predict and subsequently verify high bank vole numbers in the fall of 2007, which indicated an increased risk of PUUV exposure to humans.
PUUV is carried and maintained by infected bank voles (Myodes glareolus); transmission is believed to occur by inhalation of virus-containing, aerosolized, rodent excreta (4).