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The expedition of Sir Alexander Mackenzie in 1793, across the continent to the Pacific Ocean, which he reached in lat.
The reports published by them of their expedition demonstrated the practicability of establishing a line of communication across the continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.
When Mackenzie some years subsequently published an account of his expeditions, he suggested the policy of opening an intercourse between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and forming regular establishments through the interior and at both extremes, as well as along the coasts and islands.
If, therefore, we except the eighteen marine, the one fresh-water, and one land-shell, which have apparently come here as colonists from the central islands of the Pacific, and likewise the one distinct Pacific species of the Galapageian group of finches, we see that this archipelago, though standing in the Pacific Ocean, is zoologically part of America.
We are going to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and would prefer not to be detained.
Some of these valleys glittered with silver lakes and gushing streams; the fountain heads, as it were, of the mighty tributaries to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
We landed several miles north of Thuria in a little cove that seemed to offer protection from the heavier seas which sometimes run, even upon these usually pacific oceans of Pellucidar.
However, far eastern Pacific Ocean sea surface temperatures, which were several degrees above normal near the Peruvian coast during March and April, cooled during May and June.
The crew of FB Jojols Maze II decided to bring the Indonesians back to their port in Tacloban instead of Samar, even if it was closer to the Pacific Ocean because they didn't know anyone in the province.
The hydrating mist and moisturizing lotion each comprise pure Pacific Ocean rainwater as well as resurrection plant extract, passion fruit extract, sea buckthorn extract, orchid extract, pomegranate extract and portulaca extract.
The PIROF-ISA was also seen as a 'living' document, requiring continual review and development of partnerships with all relevant stakeholders at international, regional, national and community levels, to ensure the sustainable use of the Pacific Ocean and its resources, as envisaged in the PIROP.
The NASA Global Hawk will conduct several missions to collect detailed data over the Pacific Ocean from complex El Nino weather patterns resulting from variations in ocean temperatures across the equator," Northrop Grumman said in a news release on Friday.

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