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Marsilio, conhecedor destes fatos e decepcionado com o Papa que lhe prometera um cargo canonico e nao o concedeu, toma o partido do Imperador e dedica a ele a obra Defensor Pacis (O Defensor da Paz).
The Templum Pacis was an approximately square precinct, 110 by 135 metres, situated to the south-east of the Forum Augustum.
La troisieme section du livre, intitulie << Mithodes et sources >>, est la plus hitiroclite: les contributions qui la composent s'intiressent tout aussi bien aux problimes lies a la traduction du << Defensor pacis >> (Annabel S.
No es descaminado incluir a Marsilio en el desarrollo del republicanismo que va de los autores romanos clasicos presentes en el Defensor pacis, como Ciceron y Salustio (23), hasta los florentinos Guicciardini y Maquiavelo, o los vene cianos Gianotti y Contarini.
Here, the Ara Pacis sits in the centre of a high luminous gallery with long glass walls overlooking the embankment to the west and the mausoleum on the other side.
Beneath all this is the Fascist association with the siting of the Ara Pacis: it was Mussolini who, determined to identify himself with the first emperor, reassembled the fragments of the Ara Pacis in the late 1930s, displaying it in a special pavilion, which has now been replaced by Meier's construction.
If the model for the nave (at this level) was the Templum Pacis, the huge interior was allusive to both Roman antiquity and the Temple, whose treasures the Templum Pacis had contained.
This article is reprinted with permission from Via Pacis, the Catholic Worker newspaper of Des Moines, Iowa.
The Ara Pacis was conceived of as somewhat of a propaganda piece meant to depict the splendor of life under the reign of Augustus.
He combines his duties with running the government-sponsored Regina Pacis hostel, in a disused diocesan holiday centre for children of poor families.
Another nuts-and-bolts approach to Roman art comes in the form of Diane Conlin's study, (B)(**)The Artists of the Ara Pacis,(8) where again the problem of artistic anonymity arises.
We find in the Defensor minor (which consists of 16 chapters) a repetition, in part, of the argument for political authority found in the Defensor Pacis, though there is here a similar lack of clarity about the precise source of that authority.