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Sapitula said Pacis, who remains under restrictive custody of the Pasig City Police, is already relieved from his duties.
O primeiro paragrafo do primeiro capitulo do Defensor Pacis inicia com uma forte referencia a paz.
At the workshop, the transformation and adjustment of the Piazza dell'Ara Pacis were also announced; these include a tunnel that would channel the Lungotevere traffic and an opening towards the adjacent Piazza Augusto Imperatore, which will be completely remodeled.
This, then, was what Vespasian wished visitors to the Templum Pacis to remember: that he had been triumphant in Judaea and that his victory and reign brought pax and stability throughout the empire.
La troisieme section du livre, intitulie << Mithodes et sources >>, est la plus hitiroclite: les contributions qui la composent s'intiressent tout aussi bien aux problimes lies a la traduction du << Defensor pacis >> (Annabel S.
La semejanza de estos lamentos con el capitulo XXVI de El principe no paso desapercibida para Previte-Orton, en su edicion critica del Defensor pacis (31); ni tampoco se le escapo a George H.
In book 3 of De Jure Belli ac Pacis, Grotius discusses what was considered to be just in war under the law of nations of his day: killing and wounding enemies, devastating, acquiring captured goods, enslaving prisoners of war, and obtaining supreme governing power.
Beneath all this is the Fascist association with the siting of the Ara Pacis: it was Mussolini who, determined to identify himself with the first emperor, reassembled the fragments of the Ara Pacis in the late 1930s, displaying it in a special pavilion, which has now been replaced by Meier's construction.
Como medida eficaz, puede adoptarse dicha medida, pero los principios de la justicia no podran nunca ser arguidos en su favor" (De iure belli ac pacis, II, I, XVII).
s mind between 1604 and his mature masterpiece, the De iure belli ac pacis of 1625.
Meet our new semi-finalist, eight-year-old Reyna Pacis from Budd Lake, New Jersey
The Ara Pacis was conceived of as somewhat of a propaganda piece meant to depict the splendor of life under the reign of Augustus.