Bill of parcels

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BILL OF PARCELS, merc. law. An account containing in detail the names of the items which compose a parcel or package of goods; it is usually transmitted with the goods to the purchaser, in order that if any mistake have been made, it may be corrected.

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These were augmented by a $2000 Velodyne F1800RII subwoofer (reviewed in issue 67), which brought the package list price up to $3,500.
The DPU2000-1500(TM) system protection appliance confirms Unitrends' role as an industry leader, as the first company to incorporate a full range of system protection software and disk-based storage into a compact, rackmounted appliance, providing small and mid-sized businesses with Total System Protection(SM) and rapid data recovery at a package list price of less than $10,000.
But the package lists "coup attempt" against the constitutional order as a reason to seize the property of a suspect.
The government's draft of the package lists a range of policy objectives that should be pursued: easing people's anxiety about their daily lives; helping small and medium-sized companies raise necessary capital; and enhancing the competitiveness of the agricultural, forestry and fisheries industries.
The Dunlavy Cantatas in my middle system cost 11 times what the entire Hsu package lists for, so in order to be fair, I pulled a pair of Atlantic Technology T-70 satellites away from surround-channel duty in my living-room system.
The front of the package lists the names of the components.