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Oak's imaging products include IPS(TM) page description language emulations (PCL, PostScript and PDF); imaging compression / decompression (iCODEC(TM)) processors for digital imaging; and Imaging Digital Signal Processors (iDSP(TM)).
Paul Collins, Global Graphics' RIP technologies product manager comments, "Our new range of toolkits excel at processing Page Description Languages and other document formats at high speeds.
The second demonstration shows how legacy print devices can be enabled to support XPS or other emerging Page Description Languages, by demonstrating XPS to PostScript([R]) conversion driving an off the shelf printer.
Our selection of Oak's IPS/5E page description language allowed Heidelberg to shorten the product development cycle while achieving superior print speeds," said Len Christopher, vice president, workflow at Heidelberg Digital.
As a result of this announcement, the latest version of DOC1 Series 5 will support Screen's recommended page description language for Truepress Jet520 - TOP (Truepress Optimized PostScript) - which provides effective integration between DOC1 and Truepress Jet520 and maximizes Truepress Jet520's high speed processing.
Firmware will be based on Oak's IPS(TM) (Integrated Print System) software, allowing support for both raster and page description language (PDL) based printers.
Oak's imaging products include Integrated Print System(TM) (IPS(TM)) Page Description Language emulations (PCL, PostScript and PDF); imaging compression/decompression (iCodec) processors for digital imaging; and Imaging Digital Signal Processors (iDSP).