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Paget's disease of the nipple with parenchymal ductal carcinoma in situ is associated with worse prognosis than Paget's disease alone.
sup][7] Symptoms of monostotic vertebral Paget's disease may be due to the fragile bone itself or occur as a result of compression to the surrounding structures caused by the expanding bone.
There was also no significant difference in intraoperative blood loss for patients with Paget's disease compared to those without.
The clinical, biochemical, and radiological findings were diagnostic of active Paget's disease.
Bill Local, from County Durham, has Paget's disease in his left shin bone.
He said: "A large number of people have Paget's disease but do not know about it.
Long-term control of bone turnover in Paget's disease with zoledronic acid and risedronate.
Paget's disease of the vulva: diagnosis and follow-up key to management; a retrospective study of 50 cases from Queensland.
Rosen MA, Wesolowski DP, Herkowitz HN; Osteolytic monostotic Paget's disease of the axis: A case report.
Dynamic Radiologic Patterns of Paget's Disease of Bone.
Extramammary Paget's disease (EMPD) is a rare neoplasm of apocrine gland-bearing skin such as vulva, perianal region, scrotum and penis.
It can even treat osteitis deformans or the Paget's disease of the bone, bone metastasis and multiple myeloma.