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PAGODA, comm. law. A denomination of money in Bengal. In the computation of ad valorem duties, it is valued at one dollar and ninety-four cent's. Act of March 2, 1799, s. 61, 1 Story's L. U. S. 626. Vide Foreign Coins.

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Commentaries such as these draw together the notions of self-sacrifice, morality and Buddhism into a symbolic cluster, manifested in the pagoda sima, which signifies protection from dangerous powers but also their propitiation in the service of continuance of the world.
But the area surrounding the pagoda has been a chaotic building site for the past 18 months.
4-meter high pagoda has been designated as an important national cultural property.
Both pagoda and monastery were abandoned in 845AD following religious persecution, and it wasn't until 1300 that the pagoda, which was restored two years ago, became a Buddhist temple.
The golden pagodas that brilliantly light up the skyline are absolutely immobilizing--Bagan is said to be the spiritual heart of Myanmar.
In "Falk" and "The Secret Sharer," Conrad effectively moves the pagoda to a location much closer to the water than it actually occupied.
The multiplicity of sects in the country, including significant numbers of both major streams of Buddhism, and the historic autonomy of the pagoda, however, has often worked against the creation of an effective national Buddhist organization.
Pagoda Cafe is a complete line of Asian fare marketed to in-store deli operators under one brand label.
The Nara National Research Institute of Cultural Properties announced Thursday it has found the ruins of a 30-meters-square platform that is believed to have been the base for a pagoda measuring 80 meters or 90 meters.
In the middle of the hectic bustle of the Jongno district of Seoul is Tapgol Park (also known as Pagoda Park) a a small quiet sanctuary generally frequented by elderly men who gather on the benches to regale one another with stories of the past.
Photographer Leslie Taylor posted a photo that he shot of the Yasaka Pagoda using the Reddit handle ril3ydx.