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com/articles/165223/Bulgaria%27s+KTB+Customers+Get+Paid+BGN+1+B+in+Insured+Deposits+on+First+Day+of+Repayment+">December 4 and only in the first day were paid off more than BGN 1 B.
gt; 2 : to have a good result <Hours of practice paid off in a successful show.
1 million, but the purchase would be paid off through increased sales tax revenue over the next 15 years.
Several six-figure loans were taken out and then paid off within weeks and months.
Their taxes are frozen, and the bonds are paid off by what would have gone into city coffers.
They started following the approach suggested by Dave Ramsey--a popular debt-reduction guru whose program is carried by radio stations all over the country--and paid off their debt in two years.
At the time, Macklowe also paid off a $275 million mezzanine loan provided by Vornado, who was a bidder on the property in 2003.
Although he won't disclose exactly how much he pays monthly in addition to the $50 fee, Williams has paid off approximately 10% to 15% of his total balance.
The problem is that second mortgages as lines of credit are being sold as a balance to fixed mortgages, which incur a fee if they are paid off early.
What many firms don't say is how the balance is paid off.