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During a ceremony held at Lilongwe Hotel in Lilongwe, a private drug maker, MSN Laboratories, has released two new pain killer drugs called Tapal and Febuday through Pharmamed, a Lilongwe based pharmaceutical firm.
Addiction to pain killers is a serious issue in the U.
New Delhi - High intake of pain killers during migraine can lead to long-term side effects such as kidney damage and ulcers in the stomach, a health expert said here Thursday.
This change results in the painrelieving effects of the medicine becoming less effective over time, leading to patients requiring higher doses of pain killer to manage their agony.
The growing link between pain killers and heroin was explored at a conference hosted recently by Trinitas Regional Medical Center.
Massachusetts has seen a significant increase in opioid-related deaths and hospital stays over the past decade mainly due to heroin use, but in part because of the increased availability, misuse, and abuse of prescription pain killers, according to the health plan.
They then gave him pain killers, treated his pelvic and stomach injuries and immobilised him with a splint, collar and spinal board.
You will probably find that an effective weight-loss programme will improve her mobility and reduce the need for pain killers.
The heel problem is something I've had for over a month now but it's not a big worry, although I have to take pain killers before every game.
The 31-year-old has played just twice for the Blues so far this campaign but had to take pain killers to get through those matches and he has been advised by medical staff to take a lengthy break from the game.
But studies presented to the American Society of Anesthesiologists' have shown that both nicotine and chili peppers are good pain killers, especially after surgical operations.
Karachi, May 24 (ANI): Controversial fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar's prolonged fitness problems maybe primarily due to his addiction to strong pain killers.