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And since the first letter and the last letter of the palindromic sequence must be s, the range of occurring words like the ones listed above is greatly restricted.
These molecules are typically 20 to 25 nucleotides in length, require the CpG dinucleotides to be in either a hexameric or palindromic sequence, and require distinct motifs for recognition by the human versus murine immune systems.
LEEE the palindromic sequence UKU is followed by the tautonymic sequence LELE.
These phrases begin with a 3-letter palindromic trigram and end with a different 3-letter palindromic trigram: ANACLASTIC GLASSES, BUBBLE SCHEME, ENERGY CRISIS, GIGOT SLEEVE (Web2), IRISH LINEN, MUMMY CASES, PUPPET DRAMA, RARE GASES, SYSTEMATIC PHONEME, TITLE PIECE The phrase BABY BATTERER (cpf), in addition to beginning with BAB and ending with RER, encompasses the palindromic sequence ABYBA and the tautonymic ending ERER.
Alternatively, the sequences may come from different genres as in the case of NONSENSE with the letter pattern 121 34534--a palindromic sequence followed by a Miami sequence.
The words of both the LIXI and MILLI squares below can be read in row order, from L to R, to produce a palindromic sequence of letters: LIXI XILI ILIX IXIL and MILLI ILLIL LLILL LILLI ILLIM respectively.
MABABABABA with its uninterrupted quadruple bigram BA; and CHANCACACCACCA with its A/C run of 10 letters which include the 7-letter palindromic sequence ACCACCA.