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The closing passage of Morris's book is the end point of Humphrey Jennings's Pandaemonium, the coming of the machine as seen by contemporary observers, London, 1984 (the material was assembled by Jennings prior to his death in 1951), which begins with Paradise Lost.
The which has not occurr'd since Hell began, and Pandaemonium rear'd its mightie gates and thrill'd to martial music.
Young Potter and chubby Bridget were successes of course, but showing some real low-budget flair were Born Romantic, Jump Tomorrow, South West Nine, Pandaemonium and Last Resort.
After four characters die in the main game, a bonus storyline follows them into the afterlife as they fight to defeat the emperor of Pandaemonium.
She is currently starring as Dorothy Wordsworth in Pandaemonium, but managed to escape the madness and get on the blower to us.