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After a general survey of attitudes, religious and otherwise, to panegyric and patronage (chap, one) and a presentation of various strategies adopted by poets in the course of their careers to gain and keep patrons (chap, two), the third chapter traces the biographies of the poets whose qasldas are discussed--two third/ninth-century Arab poets, Abu Tammam and al-Buhturi, both of Syrian origin and panegyrists in, primarily, 'Abbasid Baghdad, and two fifth/eleventh-century Persian ones, 'Unsuri and Farrukhi, both panegyrists at the Ghaznavid court in what is now Afghanistan.
The back pages of the Congressional Record are replete with sermons and religious panegyrics, all paid for by the taxpayers.
includes the panegyrics at the beginning of the career of Symmachus, the Relationes and their significance in his career as prefect, and the Epistulae from after his retirement from active public life and into his second career as a master of networking and the promotion of his family.
He is also especially sensitive to the taxing question of exactly how modern readers should interpret the often epigrammatic or lushly fulsome modes of high-flown panegyrics so often found in dedicatory epistles.
She's still vilified as the good-time girl, who, so I would assume from reading the Profumo panegyrics this week, pounced on a good-hearted chap who was unaware of the ways of the world.
I am sorry your away Willie, but I do hope you are not sending us panegyrics about the place oe'r there 'cos I wouldn't believe it.
Foucault's revolt against the "order of things" and his scholarly panegyrics against Enlightenment discipline seemed so uplifting at the tail end of the '70s, amid the hurly-burly of filthy city dreams.
They are complemented by panegyrics on Old Testament notables and Christian martyrs, also homilies against pagans, Jews, and heretics, especially the one on God's Incomprehensible Nature.
In contrast, the "official" folklorist is praised for his panegyrics addressed to the political authorities, if not the main ruler.
Unfortunate footballers, their weekly wages slashed from pounds 5 million a week to about 5p, will have to learn the great game if they want to have any hope of maintaining their absurd standards of living, and those slots in the TV schedules which are currently occupied by the Premier League will be filled in future by panegyrics to Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Marcus Trescothick and Ricky Ponting, or by synchronised swimming (ideally without bathing suits).
Lewis mentions that many of the Islamic poets wrote panegyrics in praise of their sponsors.
In contrast, what Nigerian bookshops are replete with are sponsored panegyrics on arch-conspirators who shot their way to the highest offices in the land, or drove out their own superiors in palace coups.