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Partly because I was puzzled as to how these writers could switch so easily from satire to panegyric, and partly because I did not want to return empty-handed to my advisor in Germany (and to the German Academic Exchange Program which had funded this trip), I ordered copies of these panegyrics.
Xavier-Nicolas then reappears in Paris under the name of Honore, where he finds a new, low-profile vocation as a writer of funerary panegyrics.
The mail tray overflowed with odes, panegyrics, pantoums, and of course loads of confessional free verse.
As is clear from the biographical notes on the various notables to whom the panegyrics are addressed, dutifully translated by Sharlet from the Arabic diwan editions, and from the introductions in chapter three, some addressees were caliphs or sultans, and others were viziers, influential bureaucrats, provincial governors, or army commanders.
The many obituaries, remembrances, and panegyrics that have appeared in response to the death of Singapore's founding father and long-serving prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, at age 91, hit all the major themes.
During his extensive travelling across Europe, likely as a member of a papal embassy, Nagonius wrote panegyrics in Latin verses for an impressive array of European princes and Italian signori, including the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (r.
During the religious ceremony, verses of the Quran were recited, followed by panegyrics of the Prophet.
Celebrated as "two of the most famous panegyrics produced on the war," (1) the two poems have enjoyed the status of being "distinctly superior to the common run of eighteenth-century political panegyric" and as representing the "only two" poems that "had more than ephemeral appeal to readers"; (2) Bleinheim's "success was second only to that of Addison's work.
Hassan ibn Thabit, often referred to as the Prophet's poet, composed panegyrics in praise of [the Prophet] recording his victories in strident tones .
Speeches by officers of the National Beer Wholesalers Association at this year's 75th Anniversary convention in San Diego alternated between panegyrics to the three-tier system, and veiled--and not so veiled--gibes at MillerCoors and A-B Inbev for their recent legal actions, seen as detrimental to the stability of that same system.
On this occasion, verses of the Quran were recited followed by panegyrics of the Prophet peace be upon him.
William Dunbar, Franciscan and royal pensioner, probably related to the great family of Dunbar, was the nearest to an official as he writes both semi-official panegyrics and petitions.