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For the notion of family remained clear; as a panegyrist wrote, 'a useless son is more willingly tolerated as a successor than an ill-chosen stranger [non-family member]'.
All those social tensions in a country cited as a success story show that conversion to capitalism is a much more painful operation than its panegyrists pretend.
Nothing much was said about the character of the news programming on CNN--not because the panegyrists might not have wished to do so but because there was nothing much to say.
But the local drift of the argument is often banal, as to the effect that topics can be rhetorically coloured into opposite senses, or that panegyrists and satirists offer competing versions of the same events.
Those curious new brands of pseudojournalism that in Argentina have as many panegyrists as anywhere in the world.
Born, "The Perfect Prince According to the Latin Panegyrists," American Journal of Philology 55 (1934):20-35 and "The Perfect Prince, A Study in Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Ideals," Speculum 3 (1928):470-504.
Poet considered one of the greatest panegyrists of Persian literature.
The panegyrists are not satisfied with their advantages.
The nineteenth canto of Naisadhiya provides a lengthy description of morning as the newly married King Nala is awakened by his royal panegyrists (his vait[a.
David Norbrook stresses the point and emphasizes its ideological implications: "Where the Caroline panegyrists had lavished hyperboles on Charles's non-existent victories, Marvell's poem is strikingly subdued in what it says about Cromwell's victories, enacting a contrast between empty words and decisive action" (123).