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I accept that you genuinely panicked on this occasion."
They panicked not because they were scared; they panicked because they are so addicted to Twitter they were at a loss about what to do.
But when he saw a police patrol car, he panicked and ran, said the spokesman.
When he realised she was dead and saw her holding pills, he panicked and took her body out of his bedsit and left her near bins outside Ridgeways Chemist in Cross Street, Rugby.
When the San Francisco Conservatory of Music bought the building that was home to Alonzo King's LINES Ballet and its school, called the San Francisco Dance Center (SFDC), dancers panicked. The purchase was announced in March 2000 at the height of the Bay Area's real estate boom.
One member of our group panicked and I had to share my tank with him back to the boat once it was visible.
GAM leader Nineth de Garcia led a knot of protesters toward the main gate, and the soldiers, caught off guard, panicked. Rushing in to block the way, one soldier swung down his wood baton and struck Garcia on the head.
Several parents said their children got panicked because of gunshots.
School lockdown: Pupils hid under desks as parents panicked outside after shot fired at window They have some nerve telling parents not to panic or contact school.
And when the taxi from the Hilton Hotel on Gateshead Quay sailed past United's ground Mbemba, panicked as kidnapping is common back home in the Democratic Republic of Congo Mbemba, 21, who speaks French, called the translator hired to help him settle into England and the mix-up was sorted in time for him to play in the 2-2 draw with Southampton.
easTenders (BBc1 7.30pm) 1 7.30pm) NOW that Ronnie has woken up, that Ronnie has woken up, a panicked Roxy tells Charlie they a panicked Roxy tells Charlie they must forget what happened between them.
Panicked "It was the good, bad and ugly from us." Alex boss Steve Davis said his players needed to stay calm and not panic.