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A long-drawn inspiration at length relieved him from this enthralment of the mind, and he began to analyze the parts of this vast panorama.
You perceive clearly what sort of picture Adam and Hetty made in the panorama of Arthur's thoughts on his journey homeward.
You can easily understand that a tribe (somehow our pilgrims suggest that expression, because they march in a straggling procession through these foreign places with such an Indian-like air of complacency and independence about them) like ours, made up from fifteen or sixteen states of the Union, found enough to stare at in this shifting panorama of fashion today.
A few small, definite pictures stand out in my memory from amid that long panorama of death upon the Sussex and Kentish high roads.
Rebecca, Adam thought, as he took off his hat and saluted the pretty panorama,--Rebecca, with her tall slenderness, her thoughtful brow, the fire of young joy in her face, her fillet of dark braided hair, might have been a young Muse or Sibyl; and the flowery hayrack, with its freight of blooming girlhood, might have been painted as an allegorical picture of The Morning of Life.
As the sun rose I saw a vast panorama of sea bottom and distant hills lying far below me.
From the cottage doorstep one looked upon a perfect panorama of healthy, open English country.
His boyhood among the apes spread itself in a slow panorama before him, and as it unfolded it induced within him a mighty longing for the companionship of the shaggy, low-browed brutes of his past.
It may be a fine enough panorama when an attack is actually taking place, but there is nothing very inspiring in the modern battlefield when the living have passed away from it.
0 offers users the added flexibility of SmartStitch(TM), a one-touch auto stitching function that seamlessly merges multiple images together into exciting super-wide panoramas and even 360 degree QuickTime VR movies in either Macintosh or Windows platforms.
The panoramas can be used with Live Picture's patent-pending RealSpace technologies to link multiple panoramas, add navigational hot spots, stream audio and video, and embed 3D objects to create media-rich photospatial Web experiences for electronic commerce, marketing, entertainment, and training.
The ability to easily produce interactive panoramas is an exciting example of going beyond simply emulating traditional analog processes with digital technology.