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Donkey Kong game Sixty different games were made, including models with wide screens, panoramic screens and multi-screens.
For example, we heard that as part of the refurbishment plans for the Khalifa Stadium, not only will there be a sophisticated air conditioning system in place to ensure comfortable temperatures for the athletes and spectators, but also a giant 100-metre panoramic screen that will allow fans to enjoy the action in a new way.
Its bid includes the ground-breaking cooling technology to save participants and fans from heat and humidity, first-ever night marathon, 100 metres long panoramic screen and fivestar staying facilities for athletes and the IAAF family at Musheireb.
Usually involving users sitting in front of a large panoramic screen, the user's movement and speech are recorded and monitored to give the feel of real time participation with the user in the other location.
Its 12-metre, panoramic screen recreates a wide variety of scenarios, meaning trainees could be 'virtually' onsite at anything from a small, rural affordable housing scheme, to an inner-city high-rise office development.
The panoramic screen is basically just a very, very big windscreen which extends 1.
SeaWorld now has four, 20 foot-wide video screens which can operate independently and also move together to create a single, 80-foot long panoramic screen.
color) At the Los Angeles Convention Center this week, an audience watches a panoramic screen for previews of newly created video games.