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We found that 13% of women in our study population had neither a Pap test nor a chlamydia or gonorrhea screening test," she said.
In fact, a 1998 study using conventional Pap tests indicated that an interpretation of ASC-US preceded the discovery of high-grade dysplasia more often than any other Pap test finding.
Approximately 55 million Pap tests are performed annually in the U.
The researchers analyzed Pap test status by age group, race/ethnicity, US.
The HPV test may be used along with a Pap test, or to help doctors decide how to treat women who have an abnormal Pap test.
However, many women put off their yearly Pap tests because they're too busy caring for their families.
Traditionally, a Pap test is the best defense to screen for the cancer.
A Pap test for trans men isn't always an easy sell, but Scheim estimates that the majority of trans men have not had a hysterectomy that would include cervix removal, so they need to have regular Pap tests.
Only women for whom the date of the last Pap test was known or could be calculated were included in the analyses; 2,417 women (95% of those interviewed) met this criterion.
Women who did not have a Pap test at their most recent exam were asked if they ever had a Pap test and, if they did, the month and year of the test.
About 55 million Pap tests are performed yearly in the United States, with about 3.
The Pap test is an iconic cornerstone of women's health.