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The papal encyclical opposes what are called two extreme views.
Baird to differentiate his concept of voluntarism from the type of individualism that comes under severe scrutiny from all of the papal encyclicals and appears to be the dominant ideology of our day.
While papal encyclicals such as Pacem in Terris and Vatican II documents like the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modem World offered antiwar Catholics theological grounds for opposition to war, they also provided lay Catholics with justification for religiously-grounded social activism.
As regards the two papal encyclicals, Curran has something to say in agreement, something in disagreement.
Whether "subsidiarity" will return to its position of former glory within the Catholic economic vision, or whether it has been effectively replaced in more recent papal encyclicals by the strong emphasis on the principle of participation, remains an open question in my judgement.
WASHINGTON -- Few papal encyclicals have been as eagerly awaited as Pope Francis' upcoming statement on the environment.
But in truth this is the Catholic view of politics, reflected in the Church's teaching, repeated in various papal encyclicals, codified in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Specifically, I tried to show that certain papal encyclicals from Leo XIII through John Paul II supported, on grounds of freedom of association, the formation of trade unions among consenting adults in the absence of force and fraud.
The Council cites documents of "differing authority" (4), meaning not just papal encyclicals but also papal addresses and letters, Vatican II documents, letters of various offices of the Curia such as the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and scripture.
to highlight the "ideological" diversity of American CST while he traces the resulting movements back to what he conceives as the unifying and authoritative "mythic narrative" of the papal encyclicals.
THE CHURCH HAS STAKED OUT THE MORAL HIGH GROUND on worker rights for the entire secular world to see in a parade of papal encyclicals more than a century long.
After his conversion to Catholicism, the younger Ballanryne, like Somerville, became interested in the papal encyclicals and when he became editor of the Beacon, tried to influence the Quebecois, but initially did not get the same reception as Somerville in Toronto.