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Baird to differentiate his concept of voluntarism from the type of individualism that comes under severe scrutiny from all of the papal encyclicals and appears to be the dominant ideology of our day.
While papal encyclicals such as Pacem in Terris and Vatican II documents like the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modem World offered antiwar Catholics theological grounds for opposition to war, they also provided lay Catholics with justification for religiously-grounded social activism.
Whether "subsidiarity" will return to its position of former glory within the Catholic economic vision, or whether it has been effectively replaced in more recent papal encyclicals by the strong emphasis on the principle of participation, remains an open question in my judgement.
I did, as Dijkema says, ignore "the large sections of the papal encyclicals that speak about why trade unions were formed, their purpose, [and] why they were needed in the first place.
Himes, usually treat the major papal encyclicals chronologically, starting with Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarium (1891), considered the first modern encyclical.
covers an array of subjects and movements, demonstrating their common appeal to the authority of the papal encyclicals Rerum novarum and Quadragesimo anno, movements embodied in several organizations such as the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists (ACTU), the Catholic Worker Movement (CW), the National Catholic Rural Life Conference (NCRLC), the Social Action Department (SAD), the Young Christian Workers (YCW), and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).
THE CHURCH HAS STAKED OUT THE MORAL HIGH GROUND on worker rights for the entire secular world to see in a parade of papal encyclicals more than a century long.
After his conversion to Catholicism, the younger Ballanryne, like Somerville, became interested in the papal encyclicals and when he became editor of the Beacon, tried to influence the Quebecois, but initially did not get the same reception as Somerville in Toronto.
The documents considered are primarily papal encyclicals but also include relevant sermons and festal messages.
The exigencies of history have a way of presenting detours and roadblocks to the political implementation of the moral wisdom contained in papal encyclicals and similar church social documents.
Such claims of personal knowledge are very much with us today, from papal encyclicals to television evangelicals.
In other Christian circles, there is recognition that the papal encyclicals are the most substantial, contemporary, theological engagement with economic issues, and no area is more important than economics for Christian witness in the modern world.