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Specifically, I tried to show that certain papal encyclicals from Leo XIII through John Paul II supported, on grounds of freedom of association, the formation of trade unions among consenting adults in the absence of force and fraud.
preacher Father John Corapi, condemns the so-called Winnipeg Statement, which was issued by Canadian bishops in defiance of the 1968 papal encyclical Humanae vitae.
The papal encyclical Ut Unum Sint is without doubt one of the most important ecumenical texts of the century.
Sparked by the newly released papal encyclical, Rerum novarum, young vicars provided the invaluable link to dispersed homeworkers.
Instead, because of its intransigent opposition to modern methods of family limitation, based upon the 1968 papal encyclical Humane Vitae banning birth control, its role has been just the opposite: it has contributed greatly to the overpopulation dilemma itself - and thus also to continuation of the servile status of women in many countries, to failure of efforts to improve the health of women and their infants, to the spread of hunger and serious malnutrition, to depletion of our planet's natural resources and destruction of the environment.
This is the first papal encyclical to be published for trade distribution.
Ban spoke on the sidelines of a Vatican summit on climate change that is part of the lead-up to release of the new papal encyclical, expected in June or July.
Such interest in a papal encyclical on globalization reflects the importance of economics in contemporary culture.
A papal encyclical on the environment is surely all we need now to make our green religious revolution complete.
The papal encyclical, Lumen Gentium, recognizes that God is at work in other churches, and no informed Catholic would deny that.
Three of these papers dealt with Veritatis Splendor, the widely discussed papal encyclical (1993) on "certain fundamental questions of the church's moral teaching"; and they are published in this issue.
But even after this papal encyclical, some biblical scholars had difficulty getting their work published.