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A document that is filed or introduced in evidence in a lawsuit, as in the phrases papers in the case and papers on appeal.

Any written or printed statement, including letters, memoranda, legal or business documents, and books of account, in the context of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects the people from unreasonable searches and seizures with respect to their "papers" as well as their persons and houses.

In the context of accommodation paper and Commercial Paper, a written or printed evidence of debt.

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For almost three decades a group of dedicated women attached to the Inner Wheel club organisation would guarantee those working in Liverpool's business district could support the Royal British Legion's annual Poppy appeal by arranging the distribution of the paper flowers.
At guest tables, centerpieces by Tulip Design Studio included both playful paper flowers and fresh white hydrangeas and daisies, tucked inside glass containers wrapped in white pompons and placed inside painted picture frames.
One morning was spent in the Oeam Folk Village in Chungcheongnam-do gluing rice paper flowers on accordion-style paper fans.
Tiffany (TIF) downgraded to Hold from Buy at Loop Capital with analyst Laura Champine saying she believes weak tourist traffic continues to impact global demand levels, adding that she is "concerned" that same-store sales growth may prove more difficult to achieve as the company laps its paper flowers launch.
I came across paper flowers on the social media last year and have always wanted to use it for my birthday photo shoot, and since then, I have been dreaming about it.
Taylor topped green and white paper straws with handcrafted paper flowers, creating the appearance of a stemmed flower in each drink container.
All of the eye-catching and impressive collection of Tiffany T, Tiffany paper flowers (actress Elle Fanning was featured in Tiffany paper flowers), and Tiffany hardware and pieces from the engagement ring collection, the Tiffany yellow diamond engagement ring delicately modeled, had cast a spell on the invitees.
He said in ancient times, flowers were not available off season, so Buddhist rituals used paper flowers, which can be made at any time.
Guests joined the evening celebrations to immerse themselves in a new store and to preview the latest collections, most notably Tiffany Paper Flowers. Paper Flowers, the first collection by chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff, comprises high and fine jewellery and reflects a perfect balance of refined femininity and industrial modernity.
This has shimmering silvery-pink daisy-like paper flowers which are great for cutting and drying.
This has shimmering silverypink daisy-like paper flowers which are great for cutting and drying.