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Hayek, in his introduction to Thornton's Paper Credit, quotes from a contemporary account of an incident Thornton had to face in 1810.
She transforms the good opinion and fine reputation she has within the household (a measure of her worth based on past behavior) into a growing source of credit (faith in her future value and performance).(3) She further invests in herself for herself by creating her own negotiable paper or "paper credit," letters and a journal, which acts as an indicator of her worth.
Some people would say I would be better off just eye-balling the paper credit report when it arrived in the mail.
Contrary to received historical wisdom, paper credit is not an abstract derivative of coin; rather, standardized coinage systems based on the presumed "intrinsic" value of gold were introduced in the early nineteenth century as a way to regulate and homogenize the circulation of credit.
The political economy of sentiment; paper credit and the Scottish Enlightenment in early republic Boston, 1780-1820.
Since 1981, Watson has also been involved in the Fine Paper Credit Group, an industry credit group that brings together similar companies to exchange current and historical information about shared customers. called the editor's note "public self-flagellation," while Noah gave the paper credit for "taking its lumps," writing, "The Times deserves to be congratulated for acknowledging, however indirectly, that it blew it on Wen Ho Lee."
Nancy notes the impact and changes technology has made in credit management: "When I started in credit (1980), we didn't even have a computer in our department: we used microfiche viewers each day to look up information, and a paper credit hold report.
In a precedent-setting move that may stem the unauthorized use of newspaper stories by broadcast outlets, the owner of a Toledo, Ohio, radio station has agreed to stop using stories from The Blade as on-air copy without giving the local daily paper credit.
A "secure site" icon appears in your potential customer's browser, and your "web-enabled" credit application fills the screen with a look very similar to your paper credit application.
Do credit files stored electronically by the credit professional have the same legal force as paper credit files?
Hire more people and have a more intensive effort in actually going loan-by-loan every time a report needed to be written or every time we reviewed a loan for compliance; or we could automate the process and then management would be able to track it through PCs, as opposed to having to worry about an individual going into every paper credit file just to make sure that all the information was received.