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"We're pleased to partner with Bookmasters," said Robert Edmonson, president of Paraclete Press, Inc.
Gerald Fitzgerald founded the Servants of the Paraclete in 1947 in New Mexico.
I understand this incarnational process as paraclesis because it was the essential agency of the Paraclete that effected the incarnation of Christ, who was "conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary." In a discussion of the Incarnation that might also serve helpfully to describe the incarnational reality of preaching, theologian Colin Gunton addresses the centrality and necessity of the Paraclete to make what he calls "the logic of God" comprehensible.
Clohessy said that track record would have been quite different, if the church had listened to Father Fitzgerald, and if the Servants of the Paraclete had followed the advice of the founder.
The Paraclete Fiction Award will be conferrred at Calvin College's Festival of Faith and Writing, scheduled for 22-24 April 2004, by contest judge Leif Enger for a novel with Christian themes by a new or emerging author.
She is to become assistant manager at Sneaton Castle Centre, responsible for administration and overseeing the managing of the centre, which is run by Sisters of The Holy Paraclete.
Furthermore, Knohl makes a link with the passage in John 14:16 where "another Paraclete" is promised; he proposes that the Greek paraclete ('comforter') is a translation of menahem, so that Jesus is seen as a second Menahem to be followed by yet another in a chain of redeemers.
Catherine, still a novice, is asked by her abbess, the famed Heloise, to leave the Convent of the Paraclete, return home in seeming disgrace, and locate a book the nuns had copied and bound.
Paraclete in honor of the third person of the Trinity.
The hush-hush clinic is run by the Servants of the Paraclete - a group of men dedicated to helping fellow brothers get back on track and on the wagon.
In passing Augustine attacks the Manichee contention that the New Testament books have been corrupted and interpolated by Judaizers; that the Gospels are not by their alleged authors; that Acts cannot be accepted since the story of Pentecost is incompatible with Mani's identification of himself with the Paraclete, etc.
The Fourth Gospel gives us the most comprehensive canonical picture of the work of the Holy Spirit, particularly in the great Paraclete teaching in the upper room.