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What the paradigm shift holds reflects a view that enterprises have become so large and important that they are an enormous influence on human life - not just the commercial life of human beings.
Paradigm shift has become a popular word and a simple Google search generated close to 7 million entries, much more than that for another popular term "disruptive innovation", (3 million entries).
Historically speaking, the most prominent example of a paradigm shift is that of Newton's and Einstein's.
Yet a paradigm shift is not as costly as failing to change when change is warranted.
But there has never been a paradigm shift, as we were only tweaking and augmenting the systems and technologies introduced in 2002.
A paradigm shift from MAOIs to TCAs then occurred through the 1970s and 1980s, prompted by concerns over adverse effects caused by the interaction of MAOIs and foods that contain tyramine.
This disruptive nature of a paradigm shift, the change which renders the old framework invalid, makes accumulation impossible.
At the end of the final phase of polling, Modi wrote on his blog that while " seats, vote shares, margins and other such facts and figures are critical in understanding the uniqueness of any election, the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Elections 2012 elections have offered us valuable glimpses into the sheer beauty of the Indian will and usher in a paradigm shift in how elections will be viewed in India.
The exhibition will feature new and existing works that CIC says "operate through or about paradigm shifts, political or personal offering an argument for art's ability to move people and trigger responses.
Paradigm shifts must be taken into account if we would communicate with our contemporaries, and there is no more important paradigm shift than the way we think about and speak of God.
You can say fortunately or unfortunately you haven't had a paradigm shift in, what, hundreds of years.
If experiments confirm mass loss for all nuclear particles, "it's a paradigm shift in the way you view nuclear structure," comments Anthony Thomas, a nuclear theorist at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in Newport News, Va.