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A paradigm shift in politics requires a push but will such a change relieve the people from the economic malaise?
Pope John Paul II, Witness to Hope, what does he describe" in the transition from Pope Paul VI to his hero except a paradigm shift? He portrays Paul as indecisive, unequal to the role, but then along comes Papa Wojtyla and shows what it means to be pope.
"What the paradigm shift holds reflects a view that enterprises have become so large and important that they are an enormous influence on human life - not just the commercial life of human beings.
The report says whilst accountants have used technology for decades to enhance the value they can deliver, the pace of change and the power of AI means a paradigm shift is coming.
Although refinements of techniques do not affect our practices as much as paradigm shifts, if anesthesia providers do not adopt individual technique refinements as they are developed, there will eventually be a cumulative fundamental difference in the quality of the labor analgesia they deliver, with more associate complications and less efficient work-flow.
In the face of paradigm shift, can the strategies or tactics for incumbents to combat single radical innovation or firm be adequate to deal with this new type of multi-faceted existential threat?
The heliocentric model provided a much simpler explanation in describing the orbit of heavenly bodies, thus, a paradigm shift.
In parallel, it might be said that paradigm shifts are often jarring and disruptive.
But there has never been a paradigm shift, as we were only tweaking and augmenting the systems and technologies introduced in 2002.
The band reworked the track and recorded it for the "The Paradigm Shift.''
In contemporary psychiatry, a paradigm shift in neuromodulation techniques has emerged over the past decade with the development of an array of novel neuromodulation techniques, (1) some of which do not induce seizures or touch the scalp with electrodes--or even use electricity.
This study of global literary aesthetics incorporates politics, philosophy, and pop culture to propose a paradigm shift in literary thought.