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For some, paradigm and paradigm shift may have become trite expressions.
Politicians who make the voters a credible and audacious "Big Offer" of something new create the outline of the new paradigm for succeeding generations.
The person who shifts paradigms is usually the outsider whose new idea is almost always rejected initially.
Stewart York, Chief Executive Officer of Inverted Paradigms Corporation said, "We are very pleased to form this alliance with UTEK.
Kleszewski stated, "Merging with Paradigm at this time is the right decision for our customers and employees.
The Paradigm Solutions industry teaming partners include: Synergist Technology Group, Systems Documentation, Inc.
Obtaining our CMMI Level 2 rating is a great achievement for Paradigm Solutions Corporation.
0, Paradigm Solutions delivers a total integrated enterprise resiliency program that incorporates assessment, planning, recovery and notification.
Jakovac, President and Chief Operating Officer of Paradigm, commented on the contract award, "Paradigm's goal is to be the preeminent provider of mission critical information technology solutions to government and industry; we are committed to excellence and client satisfaction.