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Social scientists, for example, use the word paradigm loosely to describe competing theories, although often there is no sign of revolutionary change, or of mutual exclusivity or incommensurability.
A paradigm is the way that things are in a particular area [e.
He thinks the time is ripe for a third party to gain a huge mandate from the American people to sweep away the old BOS paradigm with a new paradigm based on four themes: personal security, personal responsibility, value of the family, and a sense of community.
Trends are initiated by shifts in paradigms but trends are slow to implement.
UTEK looks forward to working with Inverted Paradigms Corporation to identify potential technology acquisition opportunities that fit its strategic vision," commented Doug Schaedler, Chief Operating Officer, UTEK Corporation.
To enable organizations to get pandemic plans underway rapidly, Paradigm Solutions is offering a Fast Forward Preparedness Program, which includes a 25% discount off the regular OpsPlanner Software price for contracts signed by June 30, 2006.
In fact, for five consecutive years Paradigm has been nominated as the Department of Treasury Small Business Partner of the Year, and won the award in 2004.
We customized OpsPlanner so that Hub One could immediately notify all distribution and retail outlets with critical stock recovery information such as product type, lot numbers, and disposition of the affected shipment," said Steve Fochler, CBCP, Director of Engagement Management for Paradigm Solutions International.
I'm glad to have Lori join the Paradigm team to assist us in managing our growth," Mr.
I'm delighted that someone of Russ' stature and achievement will be joining Paradigm Solutions in this key position," Mr.
In response, Paradigm has formed, FUSION64(TM), a strategic alliance of leading-edge hardware and software providers.