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described, and his others sources of green paradoxes surveyed.
Yes, these three paradoxes make up the most difficult dimensions of the election campaign facing Erdoy-an and the AKP, with just one month left until the elections.
Analyses of these paradoxes are being submitted to other journals.
Paradoxes of 'wrong intuition' range from Newcomb to naive set theory, to Hempel's paradox and Fitch's paradox.
The Merchant of Venice seems an especially apt example of Platt's thesis, offering as it does numerous paradoxes with no apparent resolution.
Like his paradoxes, Lando challenged the orthodoxies of church and court: "Lando's unwillingness to identify with any of the social groups of his world and his refusal to speak comme il faut to a courtly elite are a consequence of his radical religious creed: he speaks to those who wished to be saved" (24).
A more limited and specific view of paradox might be developed, with reference to the traditional paradoxes that appear in Cervantes's text, and an explicit consideration of Cervantes in relation to writers outside Spain would be helpful.
Organization: The diversity of skills, the competing interests of government, employees, and patients, and the complexity of functions that are required to produce and deliver a product and/or service creates commonly experienced organizational paradoxes.
The BT paradoxes occur only within an abstract system of mathematics which deals with what are called "transfinite sets"--sets first recognized by the great German mathematician Georg Cantor.
Indeed, trapped as the times are in a technocentric rationalism, and using the very tools of the times to make images which suggest what cannot be seen, the films of Peter Mettler reveal how these insoluble, inexhaustible paradoxes can become, in gifted hands, the wonder of cinema itself'.
There can be generated many paradoxes or quasi-paradoxes that may occur from the combination of quantum and non-quantum worlds in physics.