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If this novel degree of paradoxy justifies Parr's calling that trope and assimilated genre a "marker," his critical method obscures how paradoxy functions in Cervantes' text.
(21) For a new discussion of the "formal paradoxy" implicit in Lyrical Ballads, see William Richey and Daniel Robinson's new edition (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2002)236-42.
Moreover, he offers in these pages the only cogent critical account of Menosprecio that I have seen, so that "Paradoxy in the Spanish Renaissance" is far from being that arid academic enterprise one sometimes finds in dissertations, of which Adventures was one at Harvard in an earlier avatar, but one which even in its first redaction must have been the learned, sophisticated, confident, and well-conceived undertaking that Adventures unquestionably is.
LaBossiere, "For all the aspiration to ontological wholeness that it bespeaks, though, paradoxy so practiced does not display features familiar to students of contemporary theory, deconstruction in particular" (603).