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PARAGE. Equality of name or blood, but more especially of land in the partition of an inheritance among co-heirs, hence comes disparage and disparagement. Co. Litt. 166.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He warns them, "war pe wel, if pou wylt, py wedes ben clene / And honest for be halyday, lest pou harme lache, / For aproch pou to pat Prynce of parage noble, / He hates helle no more pen hem pat ar sowle" (165-68).
57- Desde este Parage de Paguanta distante quatro Leguas del Pueblo de Sibaya asta las Lagunas, esta todo Yermo, y despoblado, en cuio distrito ay bastante Pasto para el ganado, y mucha Lena43 menuda que llaman Tola, el Agua es menos salitrosa pero el Pedregal es el mismo.
Never short on political commentary, the parage included "Billionaires for Bush," in which walkers, trailed by one of the longest limousines in the city, carried signs proclaiming, "Free the Enron 7," "Widen the Income Gap" and "How Many Species Do You Need?" They won the Judge's Choice award.
Adaptive variation in growth rate: life history costs and consequences in the speckled wood butterfly, Parage aegeria.
On the other side of the coin, when manufac- turers take their premium construction --Beautyrest, Perfect Sleeper, Back Supporter, Posturepedic -- and allow people to take it down to an unbelievably low price, it hearkens back to a classic example of marketing -- how to dis- parage a brand.
Territorial defense in the speckled wood butterfly (Parage aergeria): the resident always wins.