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In this work, we would like to suggest that parallelistic syntactic structures, such as the one in (2), trigger a role-value compression process, via conceptual blending, akin to the one taking place in XYZ constructions.
The above representation evinces the resemblance between the XYZ construction and the parallelistic syntactic structure.
Little wonder then that there are so many echoes not only of the words of these texts in Sena's work but also of their dualistic and parallelistic structures.
parallelistic composition in belles-lettres over the centuries has
What we find on examining prophetic discourse is that the repetitive rhythms and parallelistic phrasing set up a structure, but not a rigid structure; rather, it is one that can change and evolve at any moment.
No concession is made to readers unfamiliar with such terms as parataxis, hypotaxis, anaphora, anadiplosis, apodosis, protasis, homophony, phonemic and phenomic resemblance, phonetic generation of lexemes, alterity, and deixis, as well as run-on, parallelistic, kinetic, and chiasmic syntax.
Following the path of much recent semiotically informed anthropological writing, Keane treats the topic of exchange by looking at the intersection of language, especially parallelistic ritual speech so characteristic of eastern Indonesian societies, and material objects, particularly gendered wealth that asymmetrically flows between affinal groups and ancestral valuables, energetically maintained within the patrician.
Beeston points out, in "Parallelism in Arabic Prose" (JAL 5 [1974]: 134-46), that the early khutba style of Arabic prose, which is commonly used for preaching and exhortation, shows parallelistic structure, which he characterizes as "identical with ancient Near Eastern 'poetry'" (p.