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The answer is yes, and it relies on using massive parallelization to dig down into a video asset itself, analyze scenes in that asset, and then apply those parameters to similar scenes within the video asset as well as across multiple episodes of a given episodic season.
Some works have studied the use of cloud programming models for the parallelization of metaheuristics.
This paper considers automatic code parallelization, specifically, it deals with developing a sequential code parallelization tool at the binary level that produces parallel program, and the validation of this approach.
Intel Cilk Plus [20] [21] is a powerful parallelization and vectorization framework that can effectively parallelize complex problems.
A good performance on all the diverse systems can be achieved if the workload is evenly distributed among all the processing units, thereby requiring the parallelization of code.
For that reason, the first thing that the developer must do, is to take into consideration whether there is a sufficiently great number of tasks that can benefit from the parallelization process, so he must be certain that parallelization is indeed the best solution.
This section discusses the main objective of this study, which is the parallelization method of Quick Search algorithm.
Figure 2: Functional parallelization lets each subsystem take its own thread and core.
However, the use of the kind of bounded parallelization available in these architectures has not been closely studied for most AI applications.
Concepts from graph theory are often used in theoretical formalization of parallelization issues [7,8,9,10,11,12].
In order to manage this increased data, it becomes critical to implement processing solutions that support multicore CPU parallelization. "Dedicated GPU (graphical processing unit) computation also brings a great performance gain," says Doux.
Section 4 deals with details regarding the parallelization of the previously discussed techniques.