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8220;The GPU parallelization of Gibbs sampling enables our modeling team to significantly shorten the modeling lifecycle and maintain intellectual focus on the task at hand which translates into higher-quality analytics in a much shorter time frame for our clients.
The developed code is written with a lot effort put in the optimization and the parallelization thus it can be used for treatment of more complex situations.
Method Parallelization and Method Triangulation: Method Combinations in the Analysis of Humanitarian Interventions, German Policy Studies 7(3):
MRDEAF uses more sophisticated idea than global parallelization, called coarse or fme grained parallel EAs (in some sources also island model).
With automatic parallelization and interactive execution of existing desktop simulation applications, Star-P merges two previously distinct environments - desktop computers and high performance servers - into one.
This problem is more significant in very large databases, making it relevant to study efficient ways of parallelization.
This allows distribution of the processing of various elements to achieve additional parallelization.
To improve computational performance, a parallelization was done relatively quickly using a simplified version of the replicated data approach and the standard message passing interface library (MPI [1]), as described in Sims et.
Parallelization would include not only significant private-sector entry, but the creation of independent regulatory authorities, the disaggregation of supporting government infrastructure from the SOE with which the private sector will be competing (e.
Other papers explore symbolic and numerical computing, logic and programming, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, developments in the theory of computing, managing resources and services in cloud and sky computing, hybrid parallelization concept services, and agents for complex systems.
Java framework helps programmers to concentrate on implementing financial algorithms while hiding details of computation parallelization and job tracking
At the core of the typology is both a distinction between method triangulation and method parallelization and corresponding subtypes differentiated between the combination of data-generation and data-analysis techniques.