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The program has successfully been parallelized for response of the SDOF structure against earthquake.
ED is parallelized using a modified MT-SEP method and 2D-Wave is applied for MC, IP, IQ/IT and DF.
Applying the parallelized ISODATA algorithm to the interest set, namely the image in figure 4, segments the pixels also into 5 classes, extracted being the image belonging to class 0 (Fig.
Synchronization selection takes place after the commutativity analysis algorithm has successfully parallelized a phase of the computation as outlined above in Section 5.
In Section 6 we describe a parallelized scheduler and analyze the space and time requirements to include scheduling overheads.
264 codec can be parallelized either by task-level or data-level decomposition.
In addition, NI PQA software enables engineers to measure lip synch, macro blocking, dropped frames, pixelation and more in real time by combining PXI Express technology with highly parallelized measurement algorithms.
This first release, which is fully parallelized, supports the physical models and boundary conditions needed for modeling low-speed external aerodynamics and automotive front-end airflows.
But this approach requires algorithms originally developed in a VHLL to be rewritten into C, then parallelized using the message passing interface (MPI).
It presents performance results for automatically parallelized versions of three scientific computations.
Rather than restrict parallel programming to the elite, SET makes it possible for applications to become parallelized far more quickly and inexpensively than before.