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Nevertheless, the HaLoop parallelized HBPNN is always faster than the Hadoop parallelized HBPNN due to the reduced computation overhead in dealing with iterations.
The computation of this variable cannot be parallelized with the computation of x and y, it must be executed in a subsequent step.
Meanwhile, in the hit detection part, thresholding of continuous AE waveform is difficult to be parallelized. When an AE count i.e.
We will then present the results of testing these allocation algorithms in multiple domains and discuss the impact of various domain-level features that can affect even the parallelized algorithm's performance.
In this approach, the program used for obtaining the responses of the SDOF structure is parallelized.
The generic process of parallelized dilate algorithm for remote sensing image (PDARSI) is shown in Figure 1.
Shojania and Li [4] suggested a parallelized decoding technique for multicore CPUs with SIMD (single instruction multiple data) instructions, for example, Intel's SSE.
Entropy decoding should be completed before starting the data-level parallel processing because entropy decoding may not be parallelized easily.
MLFMA is parallelized using the hierarchical partitioning strategy, which provides efficient parallelization for penetrable and non-penetrable homogeneous objects [3, 24-26].
The segmentation of the grayscale images [2] will be achieved with the parallelized k-means algorithm [3], a model advanced by (1967) and the modified parallel ISODATA, which mainly is similar to the k-means one, the difference being the fact that here the number of clusters to be determined may be automatically modified in the time of iteration by similar group fusion and division of the groups with great standard deviations.
Individual vision tools also can be parallelized so that they divide their processing task among several cores.
We are all in solidarity with Gaza and it is heart breaking to see the grief and anger in my son."To counter the general international silence, Dujana and hundreds of children decided to march with the Union of Health Care Committees to a military checkpoint in Jenin.The children shouted and cried out to the people of Gaza, "We are with you every second!" Fourteen year old Nadi is parallelized and insisted in taking part in the part.