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The problem actually lies in the fact that many developers are accustomed to single-threaded applications and they fail to seek and identify the possibility of parallelizing the source code.
Parallelizing compilers have traditionally exploited a specific, restricted form of concurrency: the concurrency available in loops that access dense matrices using affine access functions [Bacon et al.
Existing parallelizing compilers use data dependence analysis to detect independent computations (two computations are independent if neither accesses data that the other writes), then generate code that executes these computations in parallel.
264/AES have demonstrated that our load balancing technique can be useful in parallelizing applications whose first module has data independency and whose second module has data dependency (i.
For example, parallelizing the Monte Carlo may be a large piece of a computation, but a global analysis of the statistics that have emerged may also be equally important.
The distinctive feature of this new technology is the ability of the automatic parallelizing compiler that utilizes profile information to aggressively exploit parallelization patterns, which are effective for accelerating the speed of application programs.
Pervasive's presentation, "Towards Integrating Pervasive DataRush and KNIME: Parallelizing Data Mining," will take place Wednesday, February 24 at 2:30 p.
ACE's in-depth experience of developing parallelizing compilers for some very unique target architectures made them the perfect partner to work with on what is a completely new class of programmable semiconductor.
5, extending the value that its advanced solution for parallelizing and distributing computationally intense applications delivers - now to service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments.
By parallelizing these previously sequential tasks iRise 5 dramatically reduces the amount of time spent defining software.
Combined with a unique way of parallelizing queries, DATAllegro offers extraordinary performance at a very reasonable price.