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Paralogic provides leading-edge commercial software to deliver simple solutions for web-based collaboration, communications, and community building.
Paralogic Software Corporation was founded in March 1998 as a spin-off from Paralogic Corporation, when its ParaChat Network was acquired by Xoom, Inc.
For more information visit Paralogic on the Internet at www.
Paralogic (whose motto is "it's time for a serious chat") is taking chat to a new level, said Vaidyanathan.
Paralogic offers a 'one-stop chat solution,' with licensing and hosting options to suit any customer's needs and price points.
Paralogic has teamed up with FlyCast to allow advertisers to purchase ads by their preferred audiences, including chat rooms devoted to teen, Hispanic, music, family, health, business and finance topics.
Paralogic offers a one-stop chat solution, with licensing and hosting options to suit any customers needs and price points.
All Paralogic chat servers include a number of features that make it unique among chat servers.
Paralogic, as one of the first Internet Service Providers using INTERSHOP Mall to manage Internet stores, will offer INTERSHOP Interact for free to all merchants hosted with them.
Paralogic Corporation provides comprehensive Internet solutions including a comprehensive suite of internet chat software, web site hosting and chat room hosting.
and Paralogic plan to continue to work together to add leading-edge capabilities to enhance the ability of INTERSHOP store merchants to communicate real-time with their customers and build communities around their stores and products.