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Paralogic hermeneutic theories, power, and the possibility for liberating pedagogies.
The difference is, in his case, that the dynamism of the paralogic strategy prevents knowledge from hardening into ossified and dogmatic forms.
Sistina's GFS allows Paralogic to deliver an enterprise-class approach to file systems" said George Palmer, CEO of Paralogic Inc.
Scyld has formed, and is in the process of forming, partnerships and alliances with over two dozen corporations around the world including experienced traditional high performance computer providers and system integrators such as API, Compaq, Microway, Paralogic, Aspen Systems, Atipa, eLinux, Linux Networx, Myricom, PSSC Labs, VA Linux, and Cendio Systems amongst others.
Nasdaq: XMCM), a leading direct e-commerce company, today announced that it has acquired Paralogic Software Corporation for approximately $34 million in XOOM.
Paralogic Software Corporation today announced that NetNoir and The Holiday Channel's Santa.
com, a free online community-building service from Paralogic Software Corporation that lets any club, organization, family or other special interest group create an online meeting place where participants can exchange ideas, pool knowledge and plan future activities.
Creating and maintaining dynamic communities has historically been too expensive and time consuming for the average webmaster," explained Sheena Vaidyanathan, cofounder of Paralogic.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- nCUBE, a leading supplier of massively parallel computing solutions, has entered into a joint research partnership with Paralogic Inc.
Com, ChickClick, Imagine Radio, Upside Magazine, Free Ride Media, AccountingNet, The Weather Underground, Tribune Interactive, Paralogic, FinancialWeb.
With the enormous volume of almost 100 million impressions of high-quality chat ad inventory we are dealing with today, most centralized solutions fall apart," said Helmut Hissen, vice president of Engineering at Paralogic.
The company's 100 percent Java chat software, ParaChat is in use on more Web sites than all of its competitors combined, including EarthWeb ChatPlanet, ichat, TalkCity and eShare, according to Paralogic president Vijay Vaidyanathan.