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Its distribution function, in general has 3 parameters, however for network traffic generation the most commonly used form of Pareto distribution function [8] is
With the financial map we evaluate all relevant financial parameters like quotations, logistic costs, internal costs, project costs, restructuring costs, risk evaluation etc.
The largest problem is produced by the positive estimation errors of the discrimination parameters (a).
This is initially related to changing parameters of turn gear transfer function (TF) influenced by the following factors:
Interviews were conducted with the experts from contractors to identify parameters that would impact the cost of urban railway projects.
It happens relatively often that pupils are lost while solving a problem with parameters.
In order to increase the strength of technique parameters on which decision is being made are increased and more rules are defined so that prompt and reliable decision of tripping is being taken.
In EDM process, surface finish of the product depends on machining parameters i.
It was concluded that Gompertz model with three parameters would be used for modeling growth curve in Thalli sheep.
In practice, these parameters have to be fine-tuned in order to obtain best performance of the algorithm.
The multi-parameter pHotoFlex is offered in two models, one for 35 parameters and the other for 100 parameters and a connection for a pH probe.