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In practice it is necessary to identify object parameters changed under the influence of internal or external disurbances.
Neural network models with 10 parameters were trained by data of 14 projects and, were validated with 4 projects for predesign cost estimation of highway projects (Hegazy and Ayed 1998).
This announcement follows the company's earlier clearances of the same parameters for the Sysmex XE-Series(TM) Automated Hematology Analyzers.
Two parameters S (for shape), and W (for wings) [4] are usually used to characterize the annihilation peak.
2004) used a different parameter for male infants (distance from anus to the base of the scrotum), which did not show a similar correlation with maternal phthalate exposure.
Since one can measure at least four parameters with high precision: the total decay rate, a, A and B coefficients, one naively would expect that simultaneous analysis of these data may lead to an over-determined system of algebraic equations with the possibility of extracting the unknown parts of radiative corrections.
New optimization tools allow changes in three or four parameters (factors) at the same time.
1), determines wet traction, braking coefficient, sliding and other friction related parameters.
We evaluated clinical and laboratory parameters that could predict the severity of acute renal failure suitable for risk-adapted disease management in patients with nephropathia epidemica.
Features include process parameter data collection of up to 50 process variables per shot, complete upload to the PlantStar system of all machine setup parameters, storage of product setup parameters on the server, and download of all stored machine setup parameters from the server to the Arburg machine controller.
Parameter is misused in the sense of being within a proper range ('Getting coffee is not within the parameters of Beth's job') or in the sense of a requirement ('The parameters for entrance to the class were extensive') (NYPL).
To load Excel's Solver, go to Tools and click on Solver to bring up the Solver Parameters dialog box (see exhibit 2, page 63).