Paramount Title

Paramount Title

In the law of real property, ownership that is superior to the ownership with which it is compared, in the sense that the former is the source or the origin of the latter.

The term paramount title is, however, frequently used to signify a title that is merely better or stronger than another or will prevail over it. This usage is rarely correct, unless the superiority consists of the seniority of the title referred to as paramount.

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paramount title

n. a right to real property which is prevails over any other person's claim of title. (See: title)

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The Paramount title was now all but assured of becoming a billion-dollar baby by the end of its run, as it crossed over the 800 million dollars mark globally in its fourth weekend, the Hollywood Reporter reported.
It is exciting to have one of the first major network productions be based on this unanimously renowned Paramount title, added Amy Powell, the president of Paramount TV, who will be producing the project.
The R-rated movie, acquired by Paramount for only 1 million dollars scored the best opening ever for early January, and the third biggest for the month after fellow Paramount title Cloverfield (40.1 million dollars) and George Lucas' 1997 reissue of Star Wars (35.9 million dollars), according Hollywood Reporter.
Hyberbole, yes, but Japan's Kadokawa did buy a controlling stake in Intercontinental, the vertically integrated exhibition, distribution and video group that handles Disney and Paramount titles in Hong Kong, and Nippon music and talent management group Avex is building its own pan-Asian film operations from scratch--it chose to set up shop in Hong Kong because of the access to mainland China.
(A typical commercial concluded with the suggestion that shoppers should "check out" two new Paramount titles.) The Grant County News gave the local Pic Pac four deep paragraphs under the headline: "Pic Pac to celebrate bicentennial."
Universal movies, for example, would go to USA, and Paramount titles to CBS and Spike; the pictures would thus be unavailable in the open marketplace.
But Paramount Digital Entertainment head Thomas Lesinski indicates he isn't feeling a sense of urgency about dropping prices for digital versions of Paramount titles.
By getting into moviemaking, CBS wants to lessen its reliance on Paramount titles, since negotiations to renew that pact won't be nearly as harmonious as they were when the studio and pay net both resided under the Viacom umbrella.
Similarly, Paramount Pictures bypassed Viacom kin CBS, UPN and TNN as potential buyers of "Rat Race," "Domestic Disturbance," "Zoolander" and "Hardball." Who purchased the Paramount titles? TBS, TNT and the WB, which paid $26 million for a five-year deal.
Buena Vista and Warner see only about one-third of all monies spent on their titles from rentals; more than half the money spent on Paramount titles and 50% of Columbia TriStar Home Video's are in the form of a rental fee.