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The explosion in the parasite, which does not affect farmed salmon or wild sea trout, is baffling scientists and an inquiry has begun.
Infections with these parasites have been detected in this geographic area since the 1950s in persons who ingested uncooked fish from these lakes and also in animals (11-14).
Cox suggests that anglers carefully wash boots and waders and leave them in the sun to dry so UV rays can kill parasites.
Since the parasite that causes the disease feeds on fish cartilage, and young fish contain more cartilage, biologists targeted younger fish.
Since August 5 this year, the two parasites have been on the list of notifiable diseases in the EU (see European Report 2797), meaning that outbreaks must be reported by bee-keepers.
At [the ookinete] point in their life cycle, the parasites are not in fact increasing in numbers, but decreasing," he says.
At first I was less than captivated by the topic; the last time I thought about parasites for more than a minute was when I crammed for the Pathology Boards by memorizing various parasitic morphologic features as revealed by light microscopy.
and Paterson and Gray chapters test whether parasites cospeciated with their hosts, which was curious given that all other chapters have relatively independent objectives.
In the competitive situation of a mixed-genotype infection, parasites that slowly exploit host resources are expected to be outcompeted by those exploiting hosts more rapidly.
I know that the subject matter will not be the most pleasant reading material, but parasites are allowed to persist precisely because we revile the idea of housing worms.