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15) The Ninth Circuit's expansive reading of the governments, authority to represent the public in parens patriae actions enables a court to find privity in cases when it might not clearly exist.
According to police, Paren caught up with the truck a few blocks away and, believing the driver was involved in a kidnapping, forced the truck to pull over.
CONTACT: Paren Knadjian, EVP, Sales and Marketing of Astera Software, Inc.
As an example of the intensity of kinship interaction across the border, we take the case of two distant relatives, Balang Paren and Bian Ngilo (see Figure 7).
CONTACT: Paren Knadjian, EVP of Sales & Marketing of Astera Software, +1-818-575-1263, paren.
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he me give Between album releases, former Carphone War employee Roy and his partner Lucy became paren the first time with the arrival of baby Freddie.