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PARES. A man's equals; his peers. (q.v.) 3 Bl. Com. 349.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"We just kept trying to get it into the corner (with) quick reversals," Pares said.
More recently, the love for this beef stew combo meal has taken it everywhere, from street carts in Makati to different Pares restaurants all over the metropolis and beyond.
The success of Pares and the FRPS, which was later relocated to London where it received the new designation FORD (Foreign Office Research Department), resulted in requests for targeted reports, including assessments of postwar behaviors.
Capuz said the municipal health officer who conducted the autopsy discovered that the heart and liver of the older Pares were no longer inside his body.
En resumen, mientras para los pares perspectivistas, hay una unica accion y un unico resultado, para los pares reciprocos, en cambio, hay dos acciones y dos resultados.
Pares, of Buckley Runners, ran 203.175km over the 24 hours to finish 116th overall of the 243 competitors in Holland.
Reigning Commonwealth 24-hour champion Pares, of Buckley Runners, is entered in the day-long race in Katowice in Poland, starting at midday local time.