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PARES. A man's equals; his peers. (q.v.) 3 Bl. Com. 349.

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John Pares after winning the 2011 Commonwealth 24-hour title in Llandudno
John Pares, from Mold, won the Commonwealth Men's race gold medal in Llandudno
Pares, who got so set-back by Al Dah's body shots in the second that he picked the Emirati up by his legs and performed an illegal pile-drive, said: "I was thinking I'd have an easy fight but that big right hand was too strong.
The commission found there was no testimony contradicting the Pares' account and no other way the Pares would have known Mr.
Flake's momentum was stopped and the horse showed great courage to continue with his run up the inside, and in this particular case, the benefit of doubt should have gone to him and not Primus Inter Pares.
The role of primus, which is taken from the Latin primus inter pares (meaning "first among equals"), is to preside over the college of bishops and represent them and the wider church at home and throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion.