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There were waves of revolution across Europe in 1830 and 1848 before the Paris Commune in 1871.
The Paris Commune lasted from its official creation on 28 March until its repression on 28 May.
The example of the Paris Commune still yields gains in knowledge
Still more pertinent to the historical juncture in which Rimbaud was (re)writing "Les Effares" is the fact that among the tangible social reforms that the Paris Commune was able to enact before its brutal repression, (14) one finds precisely a response to this very political grievance.
Yet despite his efforts, the Paris Commune of 1871 erupted in the wake of the Franco-Prussian war.
Irving and Cahill, however, zero in on two particular stained glass windows, discerning in images commissioned for the Centenary of New South Wales the democratic sensibilities of Lucien Henry, a refugee from the Paris Commune.
The voices that were raised in the Egyptian People's Council calling on the security bodies to open fire on the protestors on April 6 and the activities that followed can be linked to the positions and actions of the French politician Adolphe Thiers during the Paris Commune in 1871.
Kuper might almost have been the Courbet of the modern Paris Commune, but this uprising is crushed with great violence and dozens of casualties, including American journalist Brad Will.
We conjure it up in the Paris Commune (a seminal influence for Debord); hear it in Johnny Rotten's "NO FUTURE NO FUTURE" and Pere Ubu's "30 Seconds Over Tokyo"; see it in the riots of Watts; follow it in Bernadette Corporation's detournement of Michelle Bernstein's novel, All the King's Horses, written at the same time as these letters (Bernstein was Debord's first wife).
1871 The Paris Commune, a new form of government, briefly took control of France.
He was particularly drawn to the Mur des Federes, the plot devoted to the memory of the last defenders of the 1871 Paris Commune who had been gunned down in their thousands on that very site by the Versaillais.
Courbet joined the Paris Commune of 1871 and--following the collapse of the revolutionary government--was accused of complicity in the destruction of the Vendome column, ordered to pay a huge line for its reconstruction, and imprisoned.