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The Paris Commune lasted from its official creation on 28 March until its repression on 28 May.
The revolutionary practice of the country's left-indigenous movements between 2000 and 2005 deserves to be studied as seriously as Marx examined the Paris Commune of 1870-71.
Courbet joined the Paris Commune of 1871 and--following the collapse of the revolutionary government--was accused of complicity in the destruction of the Vendome column, ordered to pay a huge line for its reconstruction, and imprisoned.
What a surprise this will prove to biographers who have fairly confidently pegged War to Rousseau's memory of the Franco-Prussian War and the bloody suppression of the Paris Commune in 1871.
Anarchy and Art: From the Paris Commune to the Fall of the Berlin Wall Allan Antliff Arsenal Pulp Press 216 pages, softcover ISBN 9781551522180
Originally published in 1963 and translated into English in 1966, The Women Incendiaries: The Inspiring Story of the Women of Paris Commune Who Took Up Arms in the Fight for Liberty and Equality is now in a new paperback edition.
Born in a working-class district of Paris, in a basement to which his mother fled from the violence of the Paris Commune in 1871, Rouault brooded throughout his life over the plight of the poor, the indifference of the powerful, and the promise of Christ.
His supporters claim that he received inspiration for such a revolutionary idea from studying the socialist Paris Commune that ruled France's capital in 1871.
During the Paris Commune of 1871, communards assumed responsibility for administration of the Bibliotheque Nationale.
In 1871, during the last days of the Paris Commune, fierce fighting spread through the graveyard.
In 1873, after the collapse of the radical/revolutionary Paris Commune, which he supported, he was forced into exile in Switzerland.
These forces were legion; among them were dechristianisation and the rise of atheistic socialism, the defeat of 1870, the Paris Commune of 1871, the 1905 separation of church and state, the Great War, and the defeat by the Nazis in 1940.