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n. 1) a geographic area served by a church (particularly Catholic) originally measured by whether people living in the area could walk to the church. 2) in Louisiana, the governmental equivalent of a county.

PARISH. A district of country of different extents. In the ecclesiastical law it signified the territory committed to the charge of a parson, vicar, or other minister. Ayl. Parerg. 404; 2 Bl. Com. 112. In Louisiana, the state is divided into parishes.

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parishes continue to get bigger, more complex and more diverse.
Borkowski, from pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary and Our Lady of Jasna Gora parishes, Clinton, to campus ministry at Worcester Polytechnic Institute while pursuing studies at Boston College, with residence at St.
It's high time we got away from stereotypes that parishes are sleepy, out of touch operations.
Since then, 317 donor parishes from 113 different dioceses enrolled in the program have sent approximately $1 million to help their Parish Partners.
The question of parish ownership is often asked when parishes are merged or closed.
And although the Los Angeles Archdiocese has approved several new parishes in the northern Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys, the church faces a critical shortage of priests.
I was also put into parishes during vacancies, and I know that these parishes were asked for their feelings about it.
Primary sources--eighteenth century correspondence, memoirs, wills, diaries, parish and administrative relief records--reveal socially constructed meanings of old age and document care for the dependent elderly in the parishes of Terling, Essex; Puddleton, Dorset; and the township of Ovenden, Halifax parish, West Yorkshire.
However, many parishes have seen a virtual monopolization of these functions by paid 'experts,' be they lay people, freelance religious, or former priests and nuns.
Pounds professes as geographer in "Parish, Its Bounds and Divisions", a chapter which incorporates boundaries and the secular ceremony of perambulation, population, and settlement, all of which inevitably impinge on configurations of parishes (their multiplying, merging, and decaying).
The PLATO Learning Environment unites all of the PLATO Learning Solutions used by the Parishes in one cohesive system that follows the PLATO([R]) Student Achievement Model: Assess, Align, Instruct, Evaluate.
CLINTON - The three Catholic parishes in town - Our Lady of Jasna Gora, St.