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Most cases of Parkinson's disease are idiopathic, meaning 'with no cause'.
The unique scenario of identical twins, one with this disease and one without, allowed our scientists an unprecedented look into the mechanisms of Parkinson's disease," said CEO Susan L.
Would brain imaging of mild cognitive impairment or dementia in Parkinson's disease be of any help?
In addition to its stroke and Huntington's disease programmes, ReNeuron is developing stem cell therapies for Parkinson's disease, Type 1 diabetes and diseases of the retina.
Chronic systemic pesticide exposure reproduces features of Parkinson's disease.
Right now Ryosuke Takahashi and other researchers investigating the causes of Parkinson's disease favor stem cell research in answer to patients' requests for these treatments.
Sadly, however, Liz cannot provide support to all people with Parkinson's disease in South Wales on her own.
While moving toward completion of its five-year plan, Presbyterian Home is preparing a "how-to" video and print program to assist and encourage other organizations in learning more about Parkinson's disease and the special needs of those afflicted.
Previous studies have found that people with Parkinson's disease have lower coenzyme Q10 levels in their mitochondria, which are the "powerhouses" that produce energy in cells.
The person with Parkinson's disease and his or her family are often left unaided to anticipate and adapt to the long-term social implications.
3 million Americans with Alzheimer's or the 1 million Americans with Parkinson's disease.

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