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Hikmat and many parliament members of the Free Patriotic fight fiercely every day on talk shows and on social media to defend the failing state.
Zuckerberg gave an opening statement before parliament members provided lists of questions on various topics.
Throughout the school year, parliament members attend training and meetings.
"This whole situation is a huge disappointment and leads to questions regarding the motives regarding Zdanoka's actions and the system of values this European Parliament member actually represents," the minister said, adding that her activities should be evaluated by the European Parliament.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is encouraging terrorists to encircle and isolate the 20 million Kurds who live in the eastern half of the country, Turkish parliament member and Kurdish activist Osman Baydemir told reporters, Ria Novosti reported.
"It is a bad measure because the EU will become a patchwork of GMO regimes when what we need is a common approach," parliament member Rebecca Harms, a Green Party member, told the science news website
in this article i would like to just focus on the performance of afghan parliament members in first half of 2014.
Tell us your views at: Daniel | McKenzie, youth parliament member for Coventry
SANA'A, June 27 -- The government intends to do-away with the Ministry of Information, parliament members have revealed to the press.
'The Arab Parliament should contact the EP and parliaments around the Arab region to explain the dimensions of the Palestinian cause,' Arab Parliament member Marzouq Al-Ghanem said on sidelines of the Arab Parliament special session to discuss the Israeli bloody attack on freedom flotilla and siege on Gaza.
GE-nter Gloser, a AaGerman Federal Parliament member and Special Reporter of the German Socialist Party's parliamentary group for the Middle- and the Far-East.
Glyn Ford, parliament member for Southwest England, said that during his visit to Pyongyang this week, North Korean officials also expressed frustration over comments by U.S.