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Parliament members all around the world are very well known and welcomed by their respective societies because they are selected directly by the people and understand the grassroots of the people's problems and needs.
SANA'A, June 27 -- The government intends to do-away with the Ministry of Information, parliament members have revealed to the press.
However, the truth is completely different and the actual role of the parliament members is to protect the UAE constitution and human resources," he said.
The Arab Parliament should contact the EP and parliaments around the Arab region to explain the dimensions of the Palestinian cause,' Arab Parliament member Marzouq Al-Ghanem said on sidelines of the Arab Parliament special session to discuss the Israeli bloody attack on freedom flotilla and siege on Gaza.
GE-nter Gloser, a AaGerman Federal Parliament member and Special Reporter of the German Socialist Party's parliamentary group for the Middle- and the Far-East.
Ford visited North Korea with two other European Parliament members.
Among those freed was Said Al-Ataba, who has been jailed since 1977, Abu-Ali Yatta, a Fatah Parliament member who was imprisoned in 1980, and senior Fatah member Hossam Khader who was a Palestinian Parliament member at the time of his arrest in 2003.
Natalie Hall, 18, a former parliament member, said: "It's very important that young people get involved in the decision making process so that we can pass comment on services and facilities that affect us.
The unique website displays environmental information in a way that leads the UK motor industry," Parliament Member Martin Callanan said.
European Parliament member Deva-Aditya says will run for U.
European Parliament member Jas Gawronski of Italy is not happy that the Italian government is seeking the arrest of purported CIA agents for kidnapping.
Vindiciae Gallicae And Other Writings On The French Revolution is the first modern and fully annotated version of the work of British Parliament member, lawyer, moral philosopher, and historian Sir James Mackintosh (1765-1832): Vindiciae Gallicae, a defense of the French Revolution, and an additional voice to the debate stirred by his famous contemporary Sir Edmund Burke's treatise "Reflections on the Revolution in France".