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The expected outcome of the consultation is to raise awareness of the policy and law makers regarding the substantive potential and role of women parliamentarians in contributing towards an inclusive democratic parliament.
Parliamentarians are frequently used for larger legislative bodies, such as the U.
History records and recognises several political leaders and statesmen as outstanding parliamentarians.
The parliamentarians were told that the feasibility study of the dam was conducted five years ago but China later proposed to carry out a fresh feasibility study in three years but was unacceptable.
Parliamentarians from Morocco, Algeria, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and Tunisia convened to exchange on country experiences in the areas above-mentioned and effective ways to enhance Parliamentarians oversight and monitoring of public policies.
In discussions with like-minded parliamentarians and persons in the disability community, since my own election in 2013 I have tried to bring the topic of encouraging persons with disabilities to run for elected office to the public arena.
Shazia Mary, parliamentarian of PPP has termed the survey regarding popularity of the PM baseless and said that such survey reports were compiled to gain specific interests adding that popularity of the PM has cleared.
Moussa indicated that the subcommittee for Human Rights intends to mobilize Arab and world parliamentarians to exert pressure on Israel to obtain the immediate release of all detained parliamentarians.
The parliamentarians of the faction have come with support of the electorate and actions of the parliamentarians, who forgot that and play their political games, are unclear.
My memory goes back to last decade, which has a record of two unforgettable occasions when parliamentarians of all political BY Dr M.
In addition to providing advice on the floor, parliamentarians can provide written advice to presiding members in advance on what to say or procedures to implement.
It was emphasized that parliamentarians represent the people, and therefore in a better position to build greater understanding and friendship between its people and the two countries.

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