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A notification for the suspension of membership of those parliamentarians was likely to be issued during current week by the ECP.
Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq taking the initiative invited the parliamentarians of Pakistani origin to join hands to project the democratic credentials of the common heritage and honour of all those individuals who were serving anywhere in the world as people's representatives.
On her part, Jo Moraes highly valued Vietnam s achievements in national development and informed her host on the outcomes of talks between the two friendship parliamentarians groups.
Later other parliamentarians also objected in severe terms what Dasti had uttered in general about the parliamentarians.
In 2015, the Library will celebrate 50 years of providing research and analysis services to parliamentarians.
Bottom line: Parliamentarians serve as nonpartisan advisors on questions about legislative rules and practice.
A Interior Ministry spokesperson clarified that Malik did not state that he had a definite list of parliamentarians having dual nationality.
Dr Gurirab added that people also expect parliamentarians to solve their personal problems.
A group of parliamentarians joined BDP till a bloc party is established.
Students Rajab, Sohail and Rashid said every government department of the country had some criteria for recruiting its employees but the parliamentarians enjoyed relaxation at the time of being elected.
According to data available, out of 14 parliamentarians disqualified for holding fake degrees include seven from PML-N, four from Pakistan Muslim League (Q) and three from Pakistan Peoples Party.
Manama: Bahrain will join the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) by opening an office soon.

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